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Our goal at the Baby Tessa Foundation is to provide funding for those struggling with TEF in their life, whether that be in their child or themselves.


Our goal is to facilitate the early detection of TEF, which will ultimately lead to the eradication of the developmental issues.

What is TEF?

TEF is a condition in which an abnormal channel, called a fistula, connects the windpipe to the tube that leads from the mouth to the stomach.

Parent Resources

Learn about TEF and more from different resources explaining the cause, the symptoms and treatments.

Understanding TEF

What is TEF?

Tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF) is a condition in which an abnormal channel, called a fistula, connects the windpipe….


Babies with TEF usually only have mild coughing or respiratory symptoms…..

Surgery for TEF

Your child will need anesthesia for the surgery. Surgery for TEF/EA usually takes 2 to 3 hours….

TEF in Children

TEF and EA are present when a child is born (congenital). About 1 in 4,000 children are born each year with TEF….


Most babies with TEF and EA will have surgery soon after they are born….

After the Surgery

If your baby is healthy and the repair is simple, your baby may need to stay in the hospital for a little more than 2 weeks…..





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Our Team

Angela Spehar

Co-Founder of Baby Tessa

As parents to Baby Tessa, the cause is closest to Angela and Donny’s hearts. Angela and Donny went through every struggle with Tessa and experienced every joy right alongside it. They are parents to 3 beautiful children, of whom Tessa watches over her brothers. Wyatt and his baby brother keep her busy and provide motivation for Angela to get this foundation off the ground so that other parents can see their children healthy and happy.

Donny Spehar

Co-Founder of Baby Tessa

Donny Spehar is a hard working father who wants the best for his children. He and Angela have worked together to bring this foundation to fruition in the hopes that they can provide resources for parents and hospitals dealing with TEF.

Chris Carter

COO Funding Innovation

Chris has teamed up with Angela and Donny to help launch the foundation off the ground. Funding Innovation has played a key roll in getting all the details set up and arranging the necessary contacts and funding for startup costs and necessities. Chris is passionate about making it work to produce the best possible results for this foundation and everyone whom it will help.

Heidi Perras

Funding Innovation

Heidi has been working on the Funding Innovation side with Angela and Donny to get all the details of starting a new foundation. From planning stages to website development and detail management, Heidi has been a helping hand to get things up and running.

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