Our goal at the Baby Tessa Foundation is to provide funding for those struggling with TEF in their life, whether that be in their child or themselves. Government and hospital funding for outpatients with TEF is simply not enough to care for the needs of these patients. The Baby Tessa Foundation seeks to eliminate the gap between need and resources for these families. Beyond that, we are dedicated to the SickKids Hospital and everything that they do and provide for TEF patients and families. SickKids provides the best care possible and can use all the resources they can get in order to do so. We are committed to helping provide that. Part of these resources is a TEF Registry with the Canadian Pediatric Surgeon Network that will have an active and growing protocol for the recognition and diagnosis of TEF in the fetus and in newborns, enabling immediate action for the care and cure of this debilitating disease

Tessa’s Story

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